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17 dec. 2019

The new membership card is featuring Richard Völker who was born on 26 May 1896 in Northern Germany (Minden). He studied Veterinary Medicine at the Vet School Hannover from 1918 to 1921 and worked between 1921 and 1932 in Göttingen and Leipzig. Since 1932 Richard Völker worked as Director of the Clinic for Small Animals in Hannover. His fields of interest were Anaesthesia, Clinical Pathology and Surgery. He supervised more than 200 Dissertations and eight Habilitations. Amongst even more activities he was the founder of the GSAVA.

The new membership card comes in form of a printable e-mail attachment and which should be forwarded to all your members.

After printing from a home computer, the card needs to be personalised by adding the member's name and their signature. Following this, the card needs to be folded and should ideally be laminated.

The card identifies a veterinary surgeon as a Fecava member in order to claim a discounted member or an even further discounted Eastern European CE delegate price at eg a Fecava Eurocongress (further proof of membership might be requested by congress organisers).

PLEASE NOTE: The new membership card is only needed by members of national companion animal veterinary organisations who have not been issued with a membership card by their own association clearly displaying the Fecava logo.

Urša Ravnik Verbič
predstavnica SZVMŽ v FECAVI


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